Although the mudi is a small dog, this is a real shepherd dog that you have to deal with as such

The mudi is a very lively and energetic dog with a great endurance. He is very loyal to his family, has considerable intelligence and is very happy and good at learning. Although he is extremely suitable as a domestic dog, he needs his daily portion of exercise. Otherwise they can become unmanageable.

Mudis are excellent watch dogs and will inform you with enthusiasm at the least trouble with loud and frequent barking. Even when they play among themselves, things are extremely noisy.

You can teach the mudi not to bark unnecessarily, but you also know that you don't just silence a guard dog.

The Mudi needs a consistent education. Because of their intelligence and eagerness to learn, they are extremely suitable for any sport, from obedience, agility or dog dancing to rescue work and sheep driving.

Because the mudi rarely tends to become dominant towards his owner, they are usually easy to raise.