Dess (Bestmudi Dess)

° 01/11/2009 + 06/06/2019
We never expected you to go so soon. We still wanted to do so many things with you. You'll live in your beautiful pups now.

Erszie (Erszie De La Croix Bernifa)

° 21/01/2005 + 07/05/2017
Erszie, our beautiful black girl, lived for agility. Now she lives in our hearts

Empress (Bestmudi Ermeen)

° 05/09/2011 + 21/02/2015
Empress died after a long fight. Empipempi you were such a wonderful mudi. We miss you!

Phantom (Flame De La Croix Bernifa)

° 10/11/2006 + 19/06/2013

After a heavy period, Phantom has found rest. This was a very heavy descission for us, but is was the best for Phantom.

Gondűző-Alkonyat Ritka Hűség Feydry “Feydry”

° 29/01/2007 +

Feydry died after a car accident. She will live forever in our harts.