Our very first litter

This was our very first litter. It was an experience we will never forget.

On monday 27/5 and tuesday 28/5 Dess and Igazi mated. This is the first time for Dess.

Also for Igazi it is the first litter. We expect puppies around July 25

Igazi is a lovely dog, easy with people and dogs but also very active. He practices dogsports like tracking and rally obedience

He also practice agility. Igazi measures 42.5cm and weighs around 10kg. He is the dog of Maria Venhammar.

On June 25 we did an echo with Dess. We saw 3 puppies. We hope there will be more pups. Let's start the counting!

On saturday, July 27th between 9 and 11 AM 6 beautiful pups are born. Dess & Igazi have 3 dogs and 3 bitches. Also the colors are very different. The boys are brown merle and black merle, the girls are brown, black and fako.


  • Born on 27/7/2013
  • Mother: Bestmudi Dess
  • Father: Igazi
  • 3 dogs
  • 3 bitches


  • Moh (Brown bitch)
  • Mesi (Fako bitch)
  • Linde (Black bitch)
  • Milosz (Brown merle dog)
  • Mazzel (Brown merle dog)
  • Merckx (Black merle dog)