Fast, wise and nice... the mudi!

Erszie De La Croix Bernifa


Erszie was our first Mudi. She was born in Belgium, close to Bertrix. It was clear that Erszie was a dog with a lot of energy. She didn't like it to stay calm. For preference, she tracked us the whole time. Once she had learned to weave (it only take a few days), she went at 6 a.m. exercising the poles. You couldn't restrain her, when she didn't saw any agility devices for a few days.

Despite of our "point of contact problem" and the fact that Erszie doesn't want to wait at the start at all, we ran a beautiful honours toghether(see Titles). Sadly, Erszie past away on 7/5/2017


  • Date of birth: 21/01/2005
  • Sexe: Bitch
  • Mother: Babou de la Croix Bernifa
  • Father: Puszta Fekete Bogancsa Arpas "Nash"
  • Color: Black


  • Large Price of Belgium 2009
  • Champion of Antwerp2009
  • 4e place at Europese Open 2009
  • International Agility Champion
  • Worldchampion Agility Team 2010
  • Finalist Europese Open 2011 & 2012