Litter Dess & Wamos 2016

Fast, wise and nice... the mudi!

The second time



This was the second time to have pups, for us and for Dess. She did a great job!


On Saturday the 24th of january, 5 beautfiul puppies were born. Dess & Wamos became parents of 2 males and 3 females. The males are black and black merle. Also the girls are black (2) en black merle (1).


All pups have found a great home! Enjoy the pictures of this litter!

Nestje 24-01-2016

  • geboren op 24/1/2016
  • Mama: Bestmudi Dess
  • Papa: Czaruso Wamos
  • 2 reutjes
  • 3 teefjes



  • Poetin (Black merle reu)
  • Pitch Black Little Vixen (zwart teefje)
  • PhieneRose (black merle teefje)
  • Panji (Zwarte reu)
  • Planee Zha Zha (Zwart teefje)